“If only I could get my kids interested in what it is that I am teaching them, I know I could get them to learn it!”

Do any of these statements sound like you?
  • - I’m dealing with students for whom motivation seems like a foreign word!
  • - I am having trouble meeting the demands of covering the content from a curriculum that is not designed with the flexibility to meet students’ need for additional time to process the material!
  • - I am trying to balance the expectations for differentiated instruction without the time or resources to provide a specific program for every student!
  • - I love my course and content but I just can’t manage to convince my students to love it too!

If any of this resonates with you, it might be time to look at an alternative way to introduce course content to students!

SilverDart Learning knows that teaching is perhaps the most challenging profession in the world and at times, one of the most under resourced and undervalued. Like you, we believe that every student is capable of learning if properly motivated and suitably supported. We also know just how hard that can be to do when kids aren’t interested in doing the work it will take to learn the material.

SilverDart learning produces game-based learning tools that support both teaching and learning. Developed in an App format, SilverDart Learning tools provide the engagement students demand and supports that teachers desperately require. Moreover, SilverDart Learning Apps provide the tracking data to validate that the activities AND learning have actually taken place.

SilverDart Learning is always looking for better ways to support teaching and learning by providing Apps that will help kids learn and also help teachers do what they do best – Teach. If you have ideas for something that would help you in the classroom, we would love to have your suggestions. Please drop us a line via the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page.