Tired of arguing over homework? Looking for solutions to help your child succeed in school?

SilverDart Learning knows your frustration. We are parents too!

Our mission is to develop digital solutions that will not only engage students but also help them succeed in school.

  • - Apps for High School Math & Science
  • - Aligned with school curriculum
  • - Perfect for independent study
  • - Available 24/7
  • - Affordable $2.99 per topic

Q. How can an App help my child learn? I am trying to get my child to “unplug” and spend more time on school work!

A. We agree that learning needs to be varied and that not all time should be spent online. We also know that for many students, concepts presented in textbooks or on chalkboards often look to be completely foreign. SilverDart presents content and concepts in a form that allows students to “deconstruct” the learning. It is an opportunity to see abstract concepts in a concrete setting. We all know that no two students learn in the same way or at the same pace. For many students, a familiar environment and a chance to practice on their own terms can be the difference between success and failure.

Q. What is Game Based Learning?

A. Throughout history, parents, teachers and care-givers have used games to teach children. That same desire to be entertained and engaged as children continues into the teen years. SilverDart Learning takes the best of gaming and infuses curriculum content (subject matter) into our games to create a new kind of learning opportunity for students and teachers. Games are the perfect vehicle to encourage safe exploration, build focus, reward repetition and practice, and generate intrinsic rewards.

Q. How will this help my child do better on a test or exam?

A. SilverDart learning recognises that the process of game play must ultimately encourage and develop the mastery of educational concepts. Our goal is to have students do more than memorize content for a few hours to be regurgitated on the test. We believe that deep and meaningful learning requires more than just memorisation. We believe that deep and impactful learning is about understanding. SilverDart Learning Apps are designed to ensure that students work through content and do not advance until they fully understand a concept. In addition each SilverDart Learning App is developed with a testing component to help students develop the “test taking” skills that teachers will be expecting on traditional assessments.

Q. I need another subject?

A. Our current focus is on developing Math and Science content. Our research indicates, and focus groups comprised of students, parents and teachers have confirmed, that Math and Science are some of the most challenging subjects for students across North America.

Q. How can I make suggestions for the kind of App that my child / classroom needs?

A. We would love to have your suggestions on future product offerings. Please drop us a line via the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page.

Q. How do I get SilverDart Learning Apps for my child/ classroom?

A. All of our Apps can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Students will have immediate access to a full demonstration topic for free and additional topics can be downloaded via in app purchase.

Please drop us a line via the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page.

Additional Reading

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